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Hello friends, 

Strangely enough this is my first ever blog (written or read) so I hope I'm following some guidelines to writing a successful blog. I'm guessing the general idea is similar to a diary post but speaking to an audience about a specific topic. So here we go! Hippiegeena.com has been up and running since April of 2017. It all started with a vision and purpose to provide our clients with specific fashion at the touch of a finger. First you have to understand that fashion is a form of expression. Growing up on a single mother's teacher income made it very difficult for my sister and I to have new and trendy clothes. We often found ourselves salvaging through a Goodwill, wearing hand-me-downs, or if we were lucky maybe we would hit up a JcPenny clearance rack once a year. This was strange and unfortunate for me growing up. When we're young we try so hard to fit in by sticking to trends and whatever may be "cool" to us when we're 13. I think my grandmother really influenced me during this time. When I was a teenager she gifted me a pair of metal peace sign earrings that she had from the 60's. They were so unique and actually very heavy for my ears. But I put them in and I rocked the shit out of those peace sign earrings! During this time I found my love for bands like The Doors and Creedence Clearwater Revival. My mother was a teenager in the 80's so I was always intrigued with the music that she grew up on. I would steal her cassette tapes and listen to them on my own and hang up the inserts all over on my walls. At a young age a realized I was possibly born in the wrong era. I fell in love with anything from the 60's-80's; the music, the fashion, and the trends. It was always very cool to me (WAY cooler then Hollister branded t-shirts). So while times were tough for my family financially I grew a love for anything older than myself. When before I was embarrassed that we could only afford thrift store clothes I now got excited about all the cool treasures I could find at such a cheap price. Instead of wanting to fit in as a teenager I now wanted to stand out. And this has been the best confidence booster for myself even today. When we stop worrying about what others may say or think and we pursue to be different we're able to focus on an unique image for ourselves. I get many compliments (and stares) when I dress out of the box and try to push fashion boundaries. But now that I'm older I focus on not only the cool finds that I can add to my closet but also the importance of recycling vintage threads. Here at Hippiegeena we're trying to reduce waste by turning "once loved" denim and fabrics into something trendy and unique. The idea is to provide vintage threads and distressed denim to our clients easily via the web vs. a dirty thrift store searching for a specific item. We've already done the work for you! As we continue to build and grow our brand we encourage you to save a couple dollars while reducing waste buy purchasing used. And now more then ever we see current trends resembling vintage fashion. So why buy the fake thing when you can have the real thing? I want to thank all my family, friends, and fans for the support and encouragement throughout the years. I love nothing more then building my business and brand for a bigger purpose. Hopefully I can get around to posting more specific themed blog posts in the near future to keep you up to date with what's happening in the Hippiegeena world.

Until then, Happy Holidays! -Geena

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